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Why use Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or engage a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

RPO or MSP is where you outsource all of your recruitment to one organisation. In an RPO that company may deliver all often recruitment themselves or manage other recruitment agencies. Most franchise organisations do not have sufficient volume to consider this so for smaller organisations you may come across an MSP type contract where a single recruitment organisation will manage all of your hiring prices - up to 100 people per year, but as little as 10 per year (any less and that’s just ad hoc recruitment).

By entrusting all of your hiring to a single recruitment organisation is often a win-win because the recruiter has certainty of work and can price competitively and the employer has a single point of contact for all of their hiring. More importantly the recruiter can work closely with the franchisor to plan hiring needs in advance - this is often called Talent Pooling so that recruitment becomes a proactive process an not a reactive process meaning that hiring is strategic and not tactical.

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