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Wasted money on a bad hire?

Have you ever made a hire, only for them to leave within the first 12 months?

At Libertatum we know that this can cause significant costs to a business and also an impact on overall team morale. People coming in and out of the door is the last thing you need when you are striving for success and lets be honest, it's just annoying having your time consumed by an ill fit hire when your skills are needed elsewhere.

One of the main questions is - why was that person hired in the first place if they won't enjoy the job? What did your recruitment process look like that led to that hire being on your team?

After taking a look at your hiring process you may find you have a 70% success rate on hires and think, great! 70% is pretty good so we will repeat the same process again. The problem with this is ignoring the 30% FAILURE rate and what that costs your business.

We have a bad hire calculator which you can use - for free! - to calculate how much your recent hires have impacted your growth.


It's surprising when you see the figure in front of you and we want to help you reduce that number! We are so confident in hires made through Libertatum that we even offer up to 12 months replacement as a guarantee.

If you have any questions please just drop us a message and we will get back to you


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